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New student joins the lab

I am delighted to have Conor Clancy join the lab. Conor is undertaking work on 'An investigation into athletic profiling and match play running demands of hurling'. 

Keys to the new building

It is fantastic to finally get access to our new Sport Science & Health building on the Tallaght Campus of Technological University DublinThe plans to create a #livinglab focused on #exercisemedicine were first proposed in 2016. Through the fantastic work of the University and its senior management we are proud to finally take first steps into the new building. I personally look forward to seeing the exercise physiology lab and strength & conditioning facility in full swing from September. The discipline has come a long way since its inception in 2009.

Elite youth Gaelic football.jpg

New student joins the lab

I am delighted to have Tommy Mooney join the lab. Tommy is undertaking work on 'Movement demands, performance profile and injury characteristics of elite U20 Gaelic football players'. Some of Tommy work has already been previously published.

Abstract Cartoon

New Role

I am delighted to be appointed as the Head of Discipline for Dietetics, Nutrition and Sports Sciences in the School of Biological, Health and Sport Sciences.

Cork v Limerick MSHC 4.jpg

I am delighted to have the Science of Hurling published in Sports. I am eternally grateful to my coauthors but especially to Tom Reilly who has been the guiding compass for the project.


Guest editor Sports - Physiology and Physical Demands of Intermittent Exercise

I am Guest Editor of a Special Issue entitled ‘Physiology and Physical Demands of Intermittent Exercise’ of Sports, I would like to invite you to contribute a research paper or review to this Issue. Sports (ISSN 2075-4663) is an international, open access journal published monthly online by *MDPI*

Please feel free to contact the Editorial Office (Elsa Qiu,, if you have any questions or concerns. 

Please visit the Special Issue at the following link: 


World Congress on Science and Soccer

I am delighted to have presented at the World Congress of Science and Soccer  on 'Relationship between internal and external training load metrics on neuromuscular performance'. This was the first face-to-face conference in a number of years and it was very much welcome. It was a pleasure to meet such fantastic scientists and applied practitioners.


New Student Joins Lab

I am delighted to have Kate Timmons join the lab. Kate is undertaking work on 'An analysis of the effectiveness of kick outs in elite level Gaelic football'. Some of Kates work has already been published in the International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport.

Image by fabio

Big Data in Sport

I am delighted to be part of the Insight Research Centre for Data Analytics investigation into Data and Insights in a Gaelic Games Technological Landscape 

Club hurling performance profile.jpg

GAA Nutrition working group

I am delighted to join the GAA's working group on nutrition.

Image by Lena Mytchyk

New Student Joins Lab

I am delighted to announce that Gary Sweeney from Irish Rugby will be going the lab. Gary will be undertaking work on 'The nutritional and energetic considerations of development pathway rugby players'.


I am delighted to become an editor at Applied Sciences. I am hoping to have a special issue later in the year.


A good start to the year

The research team on the Tallaght campus of TUDublin had an excellent start to the year with 6 publications in the space of 6 weeks. Well done to all involved.

New Student Joins Lab

I am delighted to announce that a new student, Liam McDermot is joining the lab. Liam is undertaking a research masters on the 'How opposition quality influences the technical performance of lower ranked Gaelic football teams'

Precision nutrition in hurling.png

Paper Published in Nutrients

Well done to John Keane on his first publication.

Road to PhD.jpg

PhD Success

It has been a good start to the summer with 2 excellent students receiving their PhD. Well done 

Dr Shane Mangan @Shane_Mangan

Dr Luke O'Brien @lukeobrien896

Ready to Get Published

Paper Published in Sport Performance & Science Reports

The Work-Rate of Substitutes in Elite Gaelic Football Match-Play

Ulster Rugby acceleration project.jpg

New Student Joins Lab

I am delighted to announce the Gordon Stirling from Ulster Rugby will be joining the lab. Gordon will be undertaking work on 'An examination of the acceleration demands of elite rugby union'


Microsoft, STAT Sports, TU Dublin and the Community

Microsoft, Stat Sports and TU Dublin have joined forces to provide a real world example of how science, technology and sport collide. The community projects aims to bring science and technology into the community to demonstrate the accessibility of STEM and to promote STEM as a future career opportunity.

Ready to Get Published

Paper Published in Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science In Sports

Association between eccentric knee flexor strength and hamstring injury risk in 185 elite Gaelic football players

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