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I built this website as I wished to engage with individuals and groups outside of my current collaborative circle. I was initially motivated with the ideas raised in a blog by Stephen Casper on ‘Why Academics Should Blog: A College of Ones Own’. The blog raised valuable points which I felt would make a good road map to create something which complimented my scientific work and offered a platform which facilitates feedback and commentary on my applied work and interests.

I opened my website and published a few of my previous pieces, and soon added commentary on various topics which I encounter in Gaelic sport. I have found reward in sharing snippets of my work – what got me thinking, inspired me, or just made me laugh. Most importantly, the feedback which I receive provides an integral part of my evolution as a coach, academic and applied exercise physiologist.

Welcome, I hope you find something that interests you and please offer constructive commentary whether you agree or disagree.

Just to clarify: any products you see here on the blog are not for any financial gain on my part. You won’t find any hidden advertising here. If ever I do have financial investment in a product, it will be made clear and explicit.

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